Our History


The story of how Rockingham got its name is something of a local legend. It was January 1830 when a vessel carrying the name “Rockingham” set sail from London with 180 free settlers and its crew. Arriving just off Garden Island in May, the boat was battered by severe weather. When it’s capstan broke, she was driven aground just to the north of the town’s current location. In August of that same year, a group of settlers petitioned Governor Stirling to become a township. The rest, as they say, is history.


The Rockingham Hotel

A family-owned building, The Rockingham Hotel has played a significant role in Rockingham’s history. Located just 40 minutes south of Perth, The Rockingham Hotel’s walls are nearly as old as Rockingham itself – which was officially recognised as a township in 1850.

Time marched on, and it was decided that this great old building needed a breath of fresh air. Infused with new life, The Rockingham Hotel began a new chapter in 2016. There are many exciting details to explore, like  The Rocky – our new sports bar, and Liquid – a stunningly appointed nightclub.pubpub-2history 2pub-1history 7history 6history 3history 4History 1history 5